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What’s Your Recovery Plan?

Every business must be able to answer the following questions.

  • How do we continue operations if one of our Servers is offline?
  • Where is our Disaster Recovery Plan located?
  • When last was our Disaster Recovery Plan Reviewed?

How we prepare for IT Disasters

It’s all about risk mitigation. We do all the grunt work for your business.

  • We ensure correct backup procedures are in place.
  • We provide more than one recovery option when designing your backup procedure.
  • We ensure backups are regularly checked and maintained.
  • We go through all the scenarios with you to ensure that you are aware of the risks.
  • For our business and corporate clients we provide Managed IT Services which include backup monitoring.
IT Support Sunshine Coast

It’s not set and forget.

Occasionally we are asked to implement a backup procedure but the client does not want backup monitoring.

When this occurs we always stress the importance of delegating a staff member to check the backups, and then having that person report back on a weekly basis.

Below are the following issues we have found with this practice.

  • The staff member gets busy and forgets to check the notification email or login to the server to check.
  • The staff member moves on and backup checks come to an end.
  • The staff member is not IT.
  • The staff member is IT and gives the business owner a false confidence that everything is being taken care of.
  • No test restores are ever conducted.

We take Backup very seriously.

  • Every morning a qualified CRT IT Support staff member logs in to our clients servers and checks the integrity of the backup.
  • We check that the backup drives are getting rotated, or that the cloud sync is still in place.
  • We conduct routine test restores.
  • If a backup has failed we will fix it on the spot, and in some cases where possible, we will take a backup, especially of the critical data.
  • We have 2 IT staff check all the backups, because 2 is better than 1. We want to be sure that nothing is missed.

Disaster Recovery Sunshine Coast

For peace of mind call CRT. We will conduct a free audit of your current backup systems – no obligations.
This free audit is only available to businesses with 10 or more workstations.