Office 365 Support Sunshine Coast

Have you got an Office 365 email subscription and would like to get your Office 365 email setup in the cloud?

We can help. Our Business IT support team work closely with Office 365 products and we understand all their various levels of Office 365 product offerings.

Our IT support staff can help you share your Office 365 mailboxes between different users.

We can setup a backup strategy for your Office 365 mailbox. Just because your Office 365 email is hosted in the cloud does not mean it is backed up, it is still vulnerable.

This means that if a disgruntled employee decides to clear out their emails or delete emails, you have only a few days in which to recover those emails unless you have an Office 365 backup solution in place.

Why use Office 365 for my business?

Office 365 is a great solution for most companies. If you are in doubt whether to host your emails with Office 365 system or set up your own private Microsoft Exchange server, please contact us and we will help you with the decision.

We use Office 365 within our own organisation.

Office 365 gives you the functionality to view the same set of email folders both on your computer and on your phone or tablet, giving a complete email history of what has been sent and received, which emails had been replied to, etc.

If you need any Office 365 setup and IT support services, please contact our staff at CRT Network Solutions.

We would be happy to help.